Meet the Hosts!




“Who am I? Well… I’m Jamie Jordan and this little corner of the web is mine. What? You want to know more? Well, ok but you asked for it. In 2005, I launched this podcast, Gaming Uncensored with friend and co-host Tommy, which has a loyal fan base across three continents and many countries and still continues to grow. I am a 38 year old entertainer who loves an open mic. I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life trying to be the busiest man in podcasting. When I’m not podcasting, I run RaW Editing which specializes in audio. I also do stand up comedy whenever I get a chance. Yes, I realize that comedians are a dime a dozen, but one thing makes me “stand” out from all the rest, I’m in a wheelchair. So, there’s not really any standing involved. What do I do with all my spare time? Well it depends on the day. I love music. I’m a huge Dave Matthews fan, but I’ll listen to anything. I’m a freak when it comes to video games. If video games are digital crack then I’m definitely a junkie. In 2015 I relaunched to share my best stories and experiences of life in a wheelchair. Described by some as a “comic-book novel” the message is both encouraging and lightheartedly funny.”



“Hey! My name is Tommy. I love video games, which hopefully makes me somewhat qualified to host this show. I started gaming essentially as soon as I could hold a controller and haven’t stopped in 30+ years. My favorite games include anything in the Zelda series, Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, and my all time favorite, Final Fantasy VI.

In my daily life, I work as an audio engineer. I teach audio production at a music college and work as a live sound engineer, recording engineer, and music producer. I’m married to Lana, affectionately known as the Sexy Sidekick in the GU world. Outside of video games, I enjoy music, TV, and have a passion for travel.

Gaming Uncensored is truly a pleasure in my life. It gives me an opportunity to hang out with one of my closest friends, talk about video games, and get away from daily life for a little bit. It has also allowed me to meet great people in our listener base from all over the world.”